RecoverOnline is ideal for individuals with substance use problems, who are willing to learn the foundation skills of long-term sobriety through the use of technology. The RecoverOnline team believes in meeting the client where they are in their recovery journey, whether it’s one day sober or transitioning out of an inpatient facility.

Our program is tailored to each person’s needs and is based on quick admission, thorough and routine assessments, research-based programming and specialized therapy sessions. The program is completed in four weeks using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

RecoverOnline provides a client with a master’s level therapist that specializes in addiction and recovery. Upon intake, the client will be signed up via email and scheduled weekly teletherapy sessions throughout the 30-day treatment program. All clients will receive training on Therapeutic Techniques, The Twelve Steps and Personal Experiences of Recovery.

The goal of RecoverOnline is to break down the barriers to traditional substance abuse treatment. That means receiving treatment services from the comfort of your own home, with dignity and respect. Clients can receive critical services on their own schedule, and at an affordable cost. Give us a call today for questions or enrollment into RecoverOnline.


First Week


Intro to the Scientific Perceptive of Addiction

Target the neurological & physiological reasons people are vulnerable to continue using alcohol or illicit substances


Process Model of Addiction

Learn the pain process model of addiction and recovery for application into everyday life.


Motivational Interviewing

Decisional balance activities to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to fall back into the addiction cycle.


Motivational Interviewing Part Two

Measure willingness to change to a sober lifestyle using scientific assessments and create personalized goals for recovery.


First Live Video Therapy Session

Initial therapy session with licensed professional counselor. Yes, you can use your smartphone to access the therapy session!

Second Week


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT): Intro

Introduction to the CBT process of internal processing of events, thoughts, and emotions.


CBT: Cravings

Practice using CBT to process cravings and providing a rationale response during difficult times while in recovery.


CBT: Assertiveness

Identify different types of communication styles from assertiveness, passiveness and aggressiveness.


CBT: Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions

Learn internal processes that could potentially lead to relapse while in recovery.


Second Live Video Therapy Session

Second therapy session with licensed professional counselor. Yes, you can use your smartphone to access the therapy session!

Third Week


CBT: Using Thoughts/ Mindfulness: Intro

Identifying personal internal thought processes that are called “negative tapes”, coping behaviors to counteract these thoughts. Establish the core principles of mindfulness.


CBT: Problem Solving/ Mindfulness: Autopilot

Facing new challenges when beginning a sober lifestyle and skills to avoid relapse. Using mindfulness to stay present and in the moment without drifting into autopilot.


CBT: Managing Anger/ Mindfulness: Power of Breathing

Understanding personal triggers of angry and how to use CBT to cope with in situations that would trigger an anger response. Combining mindfulness as a coping mechanism to cope with anger with a focus on the power of breathing.


CBT: Enhancing social Support/ Mindfulness: Acceptance

Enhancing a personalized support network as the program teach civility and respect to others when seeking help. Engage in a radical acceptance technique commonly used in mindfulness.


Third LiveVideo Therapy Session

Third therapy session with licensed professional counselor. Yes, you can use your smartphone to access the therapy session!

Fourth Week


Mindfulness: Anger

Mindfulness technique to identify when angry or upset and how to use meditation to cope with these strong response feelings.


Mindfulness: Fear

Counter acting different common negative emotions using a mindfulness technique


Mindfulness: Self-Care

Measure the personal effectiveness of using meditation and lesson on the S-O-B-E-R internal thought process.


Mindfulness: The Big Picture

Summarization of the skills process throughout the program and reinforcement of how to stay in tune with the techniques taught in the program.


Final LiveVideo Therapy Session

Last therapy session with licensed professional counselor. Remember you are welcome to schedule more therapy sessions with your therapist as you graduate from the program!